This question can be answered in a couple of ways. In general terms, it is the process of applying a product to asphalt to protect it from environmental impacts and restore a coal black, smooth finish to the surface. 

Specifically, when performed by Code Black, it is applying a concentrated refined tar emulsion coating, formulated with a select blend of fillers, designed to be mixed with specific proportions of:

    • water,
    • aggregates such as silica sand,
    • and approved latex additives to improve the sealer's adhesion, durability, gas and oil resistance, drying time and color retention. 
The mix is proportioned for exceptional wear resistance, as well as resistance to water and ultraviolet light, providing superior protection for asphalt pavement surfaces. It meets or exceeds all composition and performance requirements established by the asphalt industry. 


Seal coating should be done to protect asphalt surfaces from the negative impacts of weather and daily wear and tear. 

Specific purposes include: 
  • To retard erosion of fine surface particles (binders) lost from the asphalt's surface due to daily wear and tear. 
  • To shield the asphalt from the drying effects of the sun which causes raveling, cracking and color loss.
  • To seal fine cracks preventing water from seeping down into the base material compromising the structural integrity of the asphalt surface.
  • To protect asphalt from harmful effects of chemical spills such as oil, transmission fluid and gasoline which soften, weaken and destroy pavement over time. 
  • To make it easier to remove debris, leaves and snow by creating a clean, smooth, coal black surface that makes sweeping, power blowing and washing, and snow removal more efficient. The deep black color helps absorb the sun's rays accelerating snow melt too. 
  • To restore pavement to an eye-pleasing coal black color giving a rich appearance. 


New asphalt should NOT be sealed for six to twelve months after it has been installed to allow it time to cure. 

After a surface has been sealed, we generally recommend seal coating residential pavement every 2-4 years and commercial pavement every 1-3 years. Factors that impact that recommendation include: 

  • Has the asphalt pavement been regularly maintained since it was installed? 
  • How much vehicle traffic occurs on a daily basis?


Asphalt sealer must be applied to clean, structurally sound asphalt pavements that are surface cured. Wide cracks, alligatored areas and soft or sunken pavement must be properly repaired or replaced prior to sealing. And, oil and grease spots must be properly cleaned and primed prior to sealing.

Spray vs Squeegee Application: For smooth or well-maintained surfaces, a spray application using a wand or spray-truck is a cost-effective solution (whether applying one or two coats of material). Pavements with surface deterioration or porosity usually require manual application using a special broom or squeegee and a multi-pass technique. With this method, a thicker layer of material is applied to allow better penetration into surface imperfections.  

Single vs Double Coating: Seal coat may be applied in single or double coats depending on the severity of the surface deterioration and color loss. Double coats provide better overall cost savings and a longer life between coatings. However, two coats must be properly applied. Putting sealer on too thick may result in sealer build up and cracks may form in the sealer. These cracks can't be eliminated! This is a good reason to have a professional determine what is appropriate and perform the work. 

Warranty: A one year warranty is provided on single coat applications; a two year warranty is provided on double coat applications. Additionally, the second coat is provided at half price. We generally recommend a second coat, at least for high traffic areas. This is yet another way Code Black brings you value and quality!

Read Code Black's six-step application process to understand


  • Restore beauty - restore that coal black original look
  • Make a great first impression - take care of the details and visitors and customers will notice even if they don't mention it
  • Preserve the investment - make property cleaner, safer and longer lasting
  • Reduce maintenance - shield pavement on a regular maintenance program for efficiency
  • Save money - spend only pennies per square foot for sealcoating compared to dollars per square foot for resurfacing or replacement 
  • Weatherproof - protect against the number one pavement destroying force, water
  • Prevent oxidation - block out the damaging effects of the sun and utlraviolet rays
  • Avoid spill damage - keep gasoline, oil, transmission fluid and other substances from penetrating the surface

Enjoy a two year warranty
on two coats of sealer.

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