Code Black offers solutions for both new and replacement asphalt paving projects for many types of properties.
And, we'll take care of those small projects not every paving company accepts. 

Your driveway or parking lot may be the first impression a visitor has of your home or business. An attractive one adds curb appeal, monetary value and personal pride. 

The paving team at Code Black is experienced in completing your project on time and within budget. Talk with the company owner to get started; it will be a low key conversation about your needs and our recommendations - not a sales pitch. You'll receive helpful guidance, honest pricing, and a written estimate. Should you hire us, we'll respect you and your property and keep the lines of communication open. We understand you don't hire a paving contractor very often. And we know paving projects are a significant investment. So, let us to give you the results you want, the quality you need, and the service you deserve. Plus, a suggested maintenance routine to help keep you in good shape!

INSTALLING A NEW ASPHALT DRIVEWAY IS STRAIGHT-FORWARD. Plan the foot-print and be sure to obtain a recommendation on the foundation; the proper base is critical to the longevity of your investment. The base requirements are specific to your region and project. 

CONSIDERING AN OVERLAY VS A REPLACEMENT REQUIRES DUE DILIGENCE. Yes, it possible to overlay an existing driveway or parking lot with another layer of asphalt. If your pavement is showing large areas of distress but still has a good base, an asphalt overlay may be the proper solution. Asphalt overlays are usually one (1) inch thick (after compaction) for both residential and commercial properties. Because the existing asphalt is not removed, it is an economical solution as well. But, there can be drawbacks. For example, existing damage (like large cracks) will penetrate the new layer in time. If you are leaning toward an overlay, seek out a couple of expert opinions on your project. If your asphalt is uneven, sinking, buckling, or cracking badly, you may be better off with a tear-out and new installation.
MAINTAINING YOUR ASPHALT IS ESSENTIAL. The more you care for it the longer it will last. The real cost of a driveway is measured over its useful lifetime. Follow the tips we provide and your maintenance expenses will be far less than installing another new driveway sooner than expected.