Your parking lot is one of the first areas of your property visitors and potential customers see. It's part of making your first impression. Choosing professional grade line striping says you care about the details! The importance of a well-planned, striped and marked parking lot cannot be understated.

Striping and marking benefits may include:
  • Increased safety and visibility for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic 
  • Improved traffic flow, parking efficiency and reduced vehicle damage 
  • Maximized number of parking spaces 
  • Increased property value and attractiveness 
  • Reduced liability for you and your organization


Code Black specializes in line striping and pavement markings. Our state-of-the-art equipment is fine-tuned to paint razor sharp lines and markings. And, our operators know what a straight line looks like! Markings are painted using professional grade stencils; Department of Transportation (DOT) approved where appropriate and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Our services, for all sizes of parking lots, include: 
  • Painting a fresh coat on existing lines and markings 
  • Revising existing parking layouts and traffic flow patterns 
  • Designing new, ADA compliant layouts


We paint exactly what you need. And, if a specific paint or material is required, just ask.

Examples include:
  • Standard, handicap and specialty parking stalls 
  • Crosswalks and loading zones 
  • Traffic flow markings such as directional arrows and words 
  • Drive thru lanes 
  • Numbers, symbols and words 
  • Reflective (glass bead) striping 
  • Parking bumper painting, installation, removal 
  • Speed bump painting, installation, removal 
  • Safety posts 
  • Custom solutions tailored to your business

Handicap Stalls at Shorewood Shoppes, Illinois Road AFTER IMAGE

Handicap Stalls at Shorewood Shoppes, Illinois Road BEFORE IMAGE