Renewing existing gravel driveways or parking lots
  • Grading and leveling existing surfaces to
    • widen
    • lengthen
    • correct drainage issues
    • prepare for a new surface layer of gravel
  • Hauling stone to job site
  • Spreading stone onto prepared surface
  • Rolling and compacting stone for a more durable surface

Residential gravel driveways and commercial parking lots require maintenance to look their best and remain functional. 
  • Tired of driving over or around the low spots created by turning or braking in the same place all the time?
  • Wish there was more gravel than mud or dust? 
  • And what about those unsightly weeds in the center of the driveway or the perimeter of the parking lot where vehicles don't drive? 
  • Embarrassed about the first impression your business makes with customers and guests? 
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