Code Black uses the following 6-step process to perform saw cut patching.
  1. Cut around the perimeter of the alligatored area or pothole to form a square, smooth edge from the base layer to the surface of the surrounding asphalt using a Diamond Products walk behind saw. The smooth, vertical sides of the cut out area allow the hot mix asphalt to bind easily to the sides of the hole and form a solid, strong patch.
  2. Remove all debris, broken asphalt and any compromised base layer. 
  3. Replace needed base material and prepare it for the hot mix asphalt by compacting it with a plate compactor. 
  4. Place hot mix into the hole, compact each layer (we usually put two layers into holes in driveways and parking lots) to the correct density, and continue until the proper grade is reached.
  5. Apply a tack coat (a liquid bonding agent) between the layers of asphalt added to the hole for additional stability.
  6. Complete the repair by edging it with hot rubber to seal the seam where the old and new asphalt meet to prevent water and debris from entering the repaired area. 

Walk Behind Saw